Welcome to the Low Impact Development (LID) Plan Check Submittal portal

LID is a leading stormwater management strategy that seeks to mitigate the impacts of runoff and stormwater pollution as close to its source as possible. The City of Los Angeles' LID Ordinance went into effect in May 2012 to support this effort.

New development and redevelopment projects are required to incorporate LID measures into their design plans as part of their plan check review and building permit approval process. Please use the LID Portal to start your LID Counter request for plan check and other building permit related items

To begin the process, please select an option from the Applications drop down menu atop this page. Once the application has been submitted, please join the Virtual Counter System Queue to speak to our counter staff and have your submitted documents reviewed. To access the LID Virtual Counter Queue, please go to appointments.lacity.org

Virtual Counter. As of June 15, 2022, the LID Public Counter will offer same day customer services via the City of Los Angeles Virtual Counter System. To access the Virtual Counter System Queue, please go to Virtual Counter Queue, please go to appointments.lacity.org . Please note that the Virtual Counter will serve customers on a first-come first-served basis, during normal business hours of 10:00AM-4:00PM Monday through Friday. All customers, except those with only General Questions, must first start a customer service request using the LID Plan Check Portal prior to joining the Virtual Counter System Queue.

For general LID information or to download plan check documents, please visit lacitysan.org/LID. Questions may be directed to the LID Public Counter general email at san.swplancheck@lacity.org